Words create a landscape of imagination
Imagination is a landscape of words
We talk in sounds and rhythm
Each word has notes accents, qualities and personalities
When we write and talk with words it holds emotions
When we write and talk with words it carries energy and intensity
Words are composed of sounds
I feel spoken words written resonate music and poetry

Voice of Drum

This mainly music workshop explores drumming and vocalising skills. Starting with simple activities using a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments leading to a more complex interweaving of songs and chants arriving at a mix of authentic global rhythms.

Drum loud Drum soft Drum slow Drum fast
Drum with the stick Drum with the hand
Drums with magic Drums around the land.

Explore the history of specific drums and percussion. Experiment with the energy of drumming while learning about the meaning and impact of particular rhythms and sounds. Voice of Drum sets a firm foundation for the exploration of the power of drum rhythms.

Duration time - Flexible

Charm Chair Theatre

A physical activity workshop to assist the understanding of the creative options available in the structuring and artistry of telling a story. Using mime, voice, movement, dance, music, objects and sounds to reveal latent skills and expose our techniques of self-expression. Encouraging the use of different methods to devise and improvise. It looks at tactics to explore conflict and harmony in modern culture while developing an understanding of the rituals and disciplines of physical theatre. It is a workshop that is fun, flexible and challenging.

Express yourself from head to toe - learn how to give - learn how grow.

Duration time - 60 - 120 mins

All About Me You and Us

This workshop explores personal, cultural and environmental identity. It is a series of mixed media, interactive and multi-sensory activities that can be tailored for issues affecting each setting (Bullying/Sexism… etc). Stickman uses his multiple heritage as a starting point. This becomes the trigger for the participants to examine and celebrate their own identities. He provides a display of visual artworks, installations, music and poetry as stimulants. The outcome for each of the group is a life map of past and present experiences allowing them to share and reflect on similarities and differences. This workshop requires participants to bring photographs and objects with them.

Duration time - 60-120mins

Working Words

A workshop specifically designed to encourage young people in the pursuit of both finding and using dynamic ways of manipulating their communication skills in the application of both oral and written language. This particular journey explores and questions the broader understandings and actual essences of everyday words, sounds and all their related emotions. It is a chance for individuals to experiment with vocabulary and expand on the development and ownership of their own cultural traditions of wordpower. This workshop is flexible enough to suit any particular theme or curriculum related requirements.

Duration time - 60-120 mins