“Out of the black comes the light to fight not to be scared of your own resolution make a stand make an honest demand. There is a pathway you have to lead no need to bleed cry or crumble to the floor work together. Think and feel with every measure too much taking not enough giving too much hatred not enough love”.

Stickman’s words, sounds, rhythms and rhymes resonate nature, nurture, human and soul values of life. Defending and challenging, questioning and explaining the outer world and our inner sensibility. What do we smell, taste, hear, touch and recognize the difference, similarities, the extreme notions of time, space, face. What do we believe, what do we conceive, what do we perceive? We all have roots, culture, heritage. Where do we belong? Stickman expresses these precious moments. For him it’s the moments of JAZZ, it’s the griot values of ancestors whispering from his DNA. He has poetical lyricals to breathe and for all to digest.

His energy undaunted, recently performing in London, Manchester and Nottingham.


London by Bus London by Train

was a commissioned piece of poetry for Channel 4 in collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Saul. It was featured as one of 24 films screened in exploring the environs of the city of London.