About Stickman

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"Born in Bury, Lancashire, England in 1962. My mother came from Barbados and my father was of Irish descent. I have embraced my dual ancestry as an instinctive and intuitive vehicle for artistic expression. I have invested many years researching, developing and delivering the hidden voices of my African Caribbean/British identity."

A world class, multi-disciplined, drummer and percussionist, also a poet, actor, educator, conceptual artist and father. An avid researcher and collector of "The hidden-in-between language of African-Caribbean culture, roots, belonging and heritage." Finding out about ancestors by exploring blood-lineage. Examining the evidence. Unearthing the real history.

"All language is spoken rhythms."

Involved in creating and delivering a wide range of innovative arts projects since the mid 1980's. My Projects comprise connecting cultures and communities across generations, ages and abilities, in schools, colleges, museums, galleries, country houses and prisons. A good example has been the Passport Project.

Started locally in Nottingham during1997 it has since travelled across Europe engaging audiences in a highly thought provoking and educative experience.

Social and economic politics, as well as my own personal identity and spiritual beliefs inform the understandings that I have experienced in this increasingly global environment.

I've had the pleasure of working with thousands of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, facilitating and directing their expressive arts activities. Sharing and encouraging the best in everyone through the various creative processes that I employ.

I'm seeking to find truths through promoting action. In a moment of doing something practical and creative, you can start pursuing the unmarked terrain of your own internal and external forces. You can find something new to say about yourself or the world around you. I belief that we all can achieve by transforming our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare. All of this is based on life experiences. The contrasting states of being, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling. Of conceiving, perceiving and improvising. Imaging letting go of the fear, the tensions, frustration, and confusion.

Accessing the right knowledge is the key. So read on….